calendarEvent 5e édition de la conférence SENSO

Fifth edition of this workshop will be dedicated to «Sensors, Energy harvesting, wireless Network and Smart Objects».

The aim of this event is to provide a more integrated vision of the way IoT smart sensor nodes work and communicate, from the way they are wirelessly powered to their final deployment into a network for an actual working environment. That will make an unmissable event for all the different actors to meet each other and foster new exciting opportunities.

Numerous experts will bring their precious experience and insights into the domain. Among them:

Three Keynote Speakers: Nageh K. Allam, Energy Materials Laboratory, The American Univ. in Cairo (Egypt), "Earth-Abundant Nanostructured Materials for Efficient Solar Fuel Production"

Vardan Galstyan, Depart. of Information Engineering, Univ. of Brescia (Italy), with a dedicated speech to:"Porous titania nanomaterials for security and healthcare"

Olivier Le Neel, from STMicroelectronics (Singapore) on the topic "From ‘Connected Objects’ to ‘Smart Things’, The Augmented Path".

And two invited speakers:

Christophe Lethien, University of Lille (France): "On chip micro-batteries and micro-supercapacitors for IoT applications"

Yair Ein-Eli, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Israel):"Advanced Li-ion Batteries - Going Lighter, Moving Higher".

The event will feature a comprehensive technical program including conferences, tutorials and demonstrations.

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