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An action plan to improve access to finance for SMEs

Small businesses often have difficulties financing their growth and innovations. The European Commission is working with the Member States to stimulate the provision of loans and venture capital for SMEs. This document is a communication from the European Commission of its action plan to help SMEs to access financing.

    One of the key priorities set out in Europe 2020, the EU's growth strategy for the coming decade, as well as in the Commission's Single Market Act and the Small Business Act is to facilitate access to finance for SMEs. The Annual Growth Survey has underlined the crucial role of a healthy financial system to support growth and set out priorities for action in the short-term perspective.

    In this context the reform programme for financial services, implemented as a response to the financial crisis, can bring about regulatory benefits to SMEs. In addition, the Commission is proposing to release new targeted funding at EU level to address the key market failures that limit the growth of SMEs.

    The Commission is presenting in this Action Plan the various policies that it is pursuing to make access to finance easier for Europe's 23 milion SMEs and to provide a significant contribution to growth.



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Editor :
Chargée de Gestion de Projets

Date of the publication :
on 1/10/12 at 8:00 AM

Author of the publication :
European Commission