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The CASA - Sophia Antipolis Agglomeration Community and the CCINCA French Riviera Chamber of Commerce organized the Final Conference of the ERMIS Project (Effective Reproducible Model of Innovation Systems) in the Science Technological Park of Sophia Antipolis, France.

The ERMIS Project aims to build a Model of Local Innovation System to foster the SMEs on the Territory promoting an intense interregional cooperation between partner organizations.
The Final conference held  during the afternoon informing European, regional and local political bodies as well as business communities, about these core objectives and results.
This was the opportunity for policy makers coming from the 9 partner countries to testify about the impact of the ERMIS project on their territories.


Editor :
Chargée de Gestion de Projets

Date of the publication :
on 11/9/12 at 8:00 AM

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