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Here find attached the document of the last steering committee

Here you will find all the document that will enable you to understand the ERMIS Methodology!

The CASA - Sophia Antipolis Agglomeration Community and the CCINCA French Riviera Chamber of Commerce organized the Final Conference of the ERMIS Project (Effective Reproducible Model of Innovation Systems) in the Science Technological Park of Sophia Antipolis, France.


Small businesses often have difficulties financing their growth and innovations. The European Commission is working with the Member States to stimulate the provision of loans and venture capital for SMEs. This document is a communication from the European Commission of its action plan to help SMEs to access financing.

Les petites entreprises ont souvent des difficultés pour financer leur croissance et créer de l'innovation. La Commission européenne travaille avec les États membres pour stimuler les investissement en capital-risque pour les PME. Ce document est une communication de la commission européene de son plan d'action dans l'aide au PME pour qu'elles puissent acceder au financement.


The Commission uses public contracts to buy in goods and services – studies, technical assistance and training; consultancy, conference and publicity services; books and IT equipment etc.