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   Ermis Project Objectives   

In order to achieve the objectives of the project, ERMIS :

  • Exchanges effective local innovation system tools and methods,
  • Designs and exchanges a governance framework and methodology to manage local innovation systems,
  • Designs a set of governance and management guidelines,
  • Involves public stakeholders outside the project,
  • Involves policy makers to validate policy recommendations for implementation in the local and regional policies and Structural Funds.
   Ermis Partners   

ERMIS brings together a balanced partnership with regional and local public authorities from Denmark France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Spain. In addition, a number of local actors involved in SME support, such as innovation centers, Chambers of Commerce, and business incubators are partners in the project.

   Project Implementation   

The project runs from January 2010 to December 2012 and will start with a review of best practices and a comprehensive study of the composition and strengths of innovation systems that leverage performance for SME's in the 9 participating countries. Followed by the elaboration and implementation of an innovation system model based on existing research, a SWOT analysis and a benchmark of partner performance will prepare transfers to partner regions.  Local stakeholders are involved in the assessment throughout the process that is anticipated to last beyond the project period.

   Project Results   

In accordance with the Lisbon Strategy objectives, results of the ERMIS project will enhance long-term economic performance and improve the ability of European SME's to generate innovation and growth.  Knowledge generated from the project will be disseminated efficiently, and will be actively fed into relevant sustainability initiatives, enabling regional stakeholders to formulate policy strategies with regards to innovation issues.

   Dissemination Activities   

The project has initiated a mutual exchange among practitioners active in the field of innovation and facilitates discussions in workshops and seminars that will continue, throughout the duration of the project.  This network is designed to be open and actively reaches out to include additional regional stakeholders from different countries to share practices on related efforts in already existing initiatives.

The project's progress activities are regularly updated on the ERMIS website: www.ermisproject.eu  The assessment methodology and results will be published on the ERMIS website, and actively fed into relevant international forums and widely disseminated within regional government agencies.

  • ERMIS Expected Outputs

ERMIS Outputs


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