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3rd Brussels Briefing During the Open Days

The 9th of October held the last Brussels Briefing of the ERMIS project. You could find here the relevant minutes and presentations of this event focussing on ERMIS and the Smart Specialization Strategy.

ERMIS (Effective Reproducible Model of Innovation Systems) is a partnership of 15 European regions from 9 Member states, which is supported by the European Regional Development Fund. In summary the ERMIS project aims to jointly develop an effective governance model for local innovation systems, in order to foster increased competitiveness and sustainable growth within SMEs.

This is the last of three "Brussels Briefings" organized by ERMIS partners as part of the project's outreach and dissemination activities.

The event targeted the EU policy community, including regional research and innovation officers, practitioners and SMEs, offering a lively discussion platform on issues related to knowledge valorisation, innovation-driven development strategy, Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3), and discussing the issue if Smart Specialisation can really be bottom-up. After a long day attending conferences and seminars, we have tried to vary the format of the event and also include a networking reception. That's why this Open Days Fringe event was different and not like other regular events.

This was a lively and interesting debate focussed on the issue "Is local engagement in Smart Specialisation possible and can S3 really be bottom-up?" The event started with an interesting presentation on the ERMIS project and its model of local innovation strategies and the project's link to S3.

Then two short presentations followed from the European Commission and from academia, providing different perspectives on S3 and providing their views on whether S3 can really be bottom-up. These short presentations serve as a basis for the debate.

Then was time for the panel debate and discussion, where seven different panellists, experts in the field of S3 and regional issues, started discussing the local dimension of Smart Specialisation.

To finish a Networking Reception was offered by the ERMIS partners.



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