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The 4th Interregional Innovation Workshop

The 4th Interregional Innovation Workshop held in Eindhoven, Netherlands with 41 participants from the 9 european countries. This workshop was the opportunity to develop the innovation theme in a high level for the partners. The central theme of the workshop focused on the role that local and regional governments play in fostering innovation and what an effective role could be. In order to stimulate ‘smart growth', governments may have to become ‘smart' themselves in order to help industry and knowledge institutes innovate. The workshop was the opportunity also to present the avancemenent of the second draft policy recommendation of the ERMIS project. And to encourage the participation of all the partners in that technical part.

From a European perspective this central theme relates to topics such as Smart Specialisation and the importance of innovation in addressing key societal challenges (such as mobility, energy and healthy ageing).

In the Brainport Eindhoven region, as well as in may other European regions, governments take part in fostering innovation. In Brainport Eindhoven, local and regional governments are part of the Triple Helix collaboration model, ensuring strong links between business, knowledge institutes and government. Triple Helix collaboration is aimed at facilitating world leading business clusters that due to their ability to innovate act as the fundaments of economic development in the region. From this point of view local governmental organisations play a part in fostering innovation.

Taking the experiences within the Brainport Eindhoven region, three themes relating to the role of governments in fostering innovation were highlighted and discussed at this workshop:

  • Innovative and pre-competitive procurement, which is more and more often seen as one of the key instruments for the future stimulation of innovation. Is this the Walhalla? How would / could this work, are there any experiences already. Is government intervention via public procurement an effective way of fostering innovation or is it just a drop in the ocean?
  • Developing clusters and campuses. Many cities and regions focus on clustering and strengthening clusters as well as on creating (cluster oriented) campuses. Does it make sense to steer, to poor in lots of money, or are we in fact wasting resources trying to create "silicon valleys" across the EU?
  • The creation of living labs. This seems, at first glance, the new paradigm for public sector involvement. Also, the elaboration of living labs may support the link up between innovation and societal relevance. Should a recommendation be that the public sector finances much more activities leading to the establishment of living labs?

The workshop presented examples and best practices of effective government intervention with regard to innovation on the three themes, but also challenged the current practice and reflected upon the role of governments and how they could become even more effective in fostering innovation.

ERMIS stands for Effective Reproducible Model of Innovation System, and aims to develop an effective governance model for local innovation systems, in order to foster increased competitiveness and sustainable growth within SME's. This workshop contributes to this aim, as it the role of effective governmental intervention/interaction in fostering innovation at local level will be discussed.

PS: There's one presentation that you can find following this link:  . It's the presentation of Mr. Georges L. (Sjoerd) Romme Ph.D dean of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences department at Eindhoven University of Technology, concerning "Open innovation in the Brainport ecosystem (and public sector involvement)".



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